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-Est. 1913-
Small enough to be friendly - Large enough to be useful
117 E. Main St.
Brandon, WI 53919

Ph: (920)346-2350
Fax: (920)346-5895
E-Mail: Ross@BrandonLibrary.net
1 p.m. - 7 p.m.
1 p.m. - 7 p.m.
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Brandon Village Hall:


115 N. Center St.

Brandon, WI 53919


Ph: (920)346-5415

Fax: (920)346-8217


Clerk:    Corinne VandeZande



President:    Steven Tetzlaff

Trustee:      Carole DeCramer

Trustee:      Dave Tarr

Trustee:      Kurt Krohn

Trustee:      Angie Smit

Trustee:      Richard Vollbrecht

Trustee:      Mike Walgenbach

Treasurer:    Sherry Laper


Assessor:         Bowmar Appraisal

Permit Issuer:   Sue Leahy

Police Chief:     Tom Dornbrook        


Library Board:


President:         Kevin DeCramer

Trustee:           Donna Schmuhl

Trustee:           Julie Nolan                   - 2/9/2015

Trustee:           Lisa Roth Sharp

Village Liaison: Angie Smit


Library Director: Christy Ross

Assistant: Jeanette Williams



Brat Stop

No, that's not rude children, it's Wisconsin's famous delectable. Almost every weekend from Spring to Fall, nonprofit organizations hold a fundraiser fry at the Brandon Brat Stop on Main St. Stop to take home some brats, or eat in Depot Park. Either way it's a delicious and economical lunch and the money goes to good causes.


The Historical Society


The Historical Society is located upstairs of the library.  The Society is in need of space, funds, and donated labor to make a new museum a reality. The cost for a membership is $8.00 per family, $5.00 per single, and $1.00 for youth. All are welcome. Help preserve Brandon History. Call Twilah DeBoer at (920)346-2366 with questions.

The museum has an excellent collection of Brandon History. The society receives email and surface mail from all over the United States and the world inquiring about genealogical matters.

Some great history and genealogy sites for the area include:

Brandon Historical Website

Fond du Lac County Local History

Ancestry blog

Roots Web


NEW open hours.  Open every second Saturday from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and, as always, by special appointment.

Society Information
Located above Public Library
Main Street
Brandon, WI, 53919
Phone: 920-346-2962

Society President
Karey L. Schmidt
125 N State St.
PO Box 344
Brandon, WI, 53919
Phone: (920) 346-2962

* Cemetery, obituary, and wedding records
Twilah DeBoer: 920-346-2366
Available by appointment during library hours. Also open by special appointment when library is closed.


Brandon Library History

The Brandon Public Library began as a cold storage building and harness shop built in 1894 by Charles R. Ellis, a local village merchant.  In 1897, the building was sold to the Village of Brandon making the upper level into the Village Hall and the lower level into a one-room fire department with an addition to the roof - the bell tower.


By 1912, the Thursday Club, a local women’s club of “social and intellectual culture”, along with other local clubs stressed the need for Brandon to have a free Public Library which would be located on the lower level of the old Ellis Block.  Funds were granted by the Village to remodel the front room, and on March 27, 1913, the Brandon Public Library opened for the first time.


English, German, and Dutch books with a natural collection of birds, animals, insects, and minerals, all donated by Village patrons, made up the first collection of the Library material.


Wisconsin State Historic Place

April 27, 2007

National Historic Place

January 2008



Former Brandon Librarians (from 1913 to 2009)


If anyone reading this has information about others who have served here, please let us know.



Community Information
Website Developed by:
Email: acrosswind@gmail.com
1.Elsie Weinstock
(1st librarian)
2. Margie Sims
3. Louise Watson
4. Maude Tank
5. Bernice Kohls
6. Carolyn Dahlke
7. Alice Bremer
8. Joyce VerMeer
9. Lynn Sallee
10. Nancy Paul
11. Heather Wegner
12. Tylor Loest